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We have a flexible setup, designed to take solutions all the way.

At GOOD, we work with problems that matter. We work with ambitious people and companies to solve them and we have fun along the way.

We have gathered a group of people with extensive experience from all parts of the business community and all phases in a business's development. We have been involved in starting, growing and closing down companies. We have developed business opportunities, products, services and technology. We have led change processes, sat on boards, put important issues on the national agenda and rolled out campaigns that have created global engagement.In short, we have participated in a lot, learned enormously and developed unique innovation methodology, technology and positioning tools along the way.

In recent years, we have further developed everything we have learned with one goal in mind: To create a platform for collaboration that makes it easier for more people and companies to take the steps needed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.


GOOD has three different focal points that either create value individually or play together all the way from problem understanding and analysis, strategy and solution development, product, service and brand building and start-up of companies and development of organizations. 

Teamet i
Good Sports

Good Sports ble startet av en gjeng som brenner for å utvikle en inkluderende og bærekraftig idrett. Siden 2018 har vi jobbet med å utvikle nyskapende ombruksløsninger. Nå har turen kommet til sportsbransjen.

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